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olive tree Day nursery
'Olive Tree Day Nursery is a lovely place
for children to be.It is a bright and
welcoming place. It has great facilities and
is very clean.  All the staff are really
friendly,there is a large outdoor space
with lots of toys and a planting area.  As a
parent I know the importance of leaving my
child in a safe and loving environment and
he will definitely get this at Olive Tree.'
Ryan Hall, Vicky Tuttle And Harry
'After visiting the Olive Tree Nursery and
my little boy having a trial day there I
was very impressed with the place and the
care and attention he received.  He is
looking forward to starting there on a
permanent basis in a few weeks time!  
I would highly recommend this nursery to
any parents who are looking for a nursery
and want to know their children are well
cared for and most of all safe!'  
Sharon, Gavin and Reuben Brooks.
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